Our right youths wing of Nigeria voice On: Security, peace and good governance in the whole world.


Our right youths wing of Nigeria are mainly concern on security, peace and good governance and we do our best to see the come true successfully.

A country, state, or communities without adequate security is not worthy to exist freely. Security is defined as an act of taken watch , care and protection of people, life, properties, goods, service, law and order in a given state, community or country.

Security is suppose to be the duty of everybody living in a country, state or community. There are some special organizations set up to take care of security in every given state community or country e.g. In Nigeria they are The Nigeria Police Force (NPF), The state security service (SSS), The Nigeria Army (NA), The Nigeria Air Force (NAF), The Nigeria Navy (NN) The Nigeria Custom (NC) And others. These security organization are not given the right orientation toward there jobs, they are not well taken care of and are not well paid by the government of this country. How then do you think that a police man or woman who is suppose to protect life and properties will work if is not paid properly. How do you expect security officer who is not living in a proper house to protect life. How do expect security officer to dispatch his or her duties perfectly when he or she knows that the rule of law have been neglected in most cases because Godfatherism and bad leadership. How do you expect a security Guard attach to an important personality to protect he or she have collected bribe (Money) from the people who want to assassinate his boss. If the security officer is well paid orientated and well taken care of, he will not cooperate instead, he will protect his job. We have seen cases in the Niger Delta where youths were used by some top personalities to brake down law and order without been checked by security organization in Nigeria because they are not well equipped while there is a budget for equipping the Nigeria Police Force, State Security Service and others Security Organization which is been embezzled by some top officers in charge of it. Security is a very important issue in any country state or community because effective security there is no state communities or country. In every given country or state it is not only one group of people that is been secure by security officers but many people and many different citizens of different countries, that is why security of any given country state or communities should be well manage by effective hands. Everyday, we hear stories of riots, political killing closure of universities, kidnapping of foreigner, religious crisis, political crisis neglect of fundamental human rights, robbery, looting of public funds without the government showing concern by trying to change the system. It is to the disadvantages of any country, state or community where there is no good and adequate security system to operate smoothly, because citizen and expatriates will find it difficult to invest or to develop such country or state. In a well secured nation, there is room for development, smooth operation of citizen, government and foreign expatriate. What can bring good and adequate security in a country, state or community and the entire world is peace and good governance.

The people of Nigeria lacked peace because of lack of knowledge, Understanding and good governance. Until the day an average black man or woman will know that governance is to serve the people and not to





Personalize issue by ethnicity, religion, political or otherwise.

Government of the people by the people for the people Democracy is what most country is practicing

In Nigeria, democracy is in progress and we the citizens welcome it. For some years back this country and her citizens have not been enjoying the dividend of democracy as it is in other countries. The people elected by the people to rule the country, state or communities starting from the post of local government, states, e.t.c. have not live up to expectation in this country. Most local government area have not been touched in the state and there have not been any effect use of the money been allocated to the local governments by the government to the chairmen and the councilors. In the government today, the interest of citizens is only mentioned when they are campaigning for political post and they neglect it when they assume office for self and political reasons.

The common Nigeria citizen can not provide three times meal on the table.

The communities and citizens rights of Nigerians have been neglected by the government of Nigeria by:

No good drainage

No good road network in Nigeria communities

No pipe borne water for community use.

No adequate health centers in the local and state government

No standard electricity

No provision for youths in the Nigeria Government

Neglect of fundamental human rights and rule of law

No creation of jobs for school leavers

No transparency in the government

Failure in educational system

The government is suppose to be for the people by the people but now, it is for the ruling government to there loyalist. If you or your communities does not belong to the party ruling your community or state then, you are not entitle to any governmental provisions. If you can not lobby the Senators, Ministers, governors, local government chairmen, councilors, or even the president then you will not be heard. The European Union (E.U.) United Nation (U.N) World Health Organization (W.H.O.) and the world bank gives a lot of financial assistance to Nigeria in respect of good governance and security but the money is been used by our leaders for self and political use and not for the citizen and country use.

The Crisis in Niger Delta is been cause by our leaders because of self interest. It is only in this country that I see a government calling her citizens bad names not knowing that they are tarnishing the image of the country. I am using this medium to correct the impression by our government to other internationally bodies that Nigerians are blessed people who loves peace and have respect for the rule of law.

The problem we have in Nigeria is bad government under bad leadership. Nigeria we be very secured, peaceful if all proper things are put in shape e.g.

Good Government

Election of good leaders

Have respect for the rule of law

Put democracy in proper shape





Freedom and fundamental human right should be put in place

There should cordial relationship between the government and the citizens.

The International body should be given chance to give expert advices in issues

The public offices should be manage by qualified people base on merit and not political, tribal, wealth or religion

The government should avoid political killings, embezzlement, election malpractice, religion crisis, terrorism, dictatorship.

The Government should carry the youths along to show transparency.

If all these things are put in proper shapes there will be peace, security and good governance in Nigeria and the whole world

I am my group Our right youths wing of Nigeria say:

No to bad leadership and bad government

No to embezzlement

No to political killings and political crisis

No to neglect of fundamental human right

No to election malpractice

No to assault

No to terrorism

No to religion crisis

No to tribalism

No to discrimination


God bless the whole world

God bless Africa

God bless Nigeria

God bless Our right youths wing of Nigeria


 It's Has come to our awareness that the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) now ask for mobilization fees (money), from complainants before moving out from their station to effect arrest or invitation.

This behaviour is seen by us as an illegal act and should be stoped by all Nigerian citizens and resident immediately.

If Nigeria Police Force Managements are not capable of managing the force, they should be dissolved and handed over to people who can manage it better.

This attitude of Nigeria Police Force doesn't portray the Nation well and doesn't give room to adequate security of life, properties, citizens and residents.

This is why, we are now calling on every Nigerian to say No to this act of corruption by the Nigeria Police Force and it's management because, the management will not say that they are not aware of this corrupt pratice by it's staffs.

Alot of money is been budgeted for security and maintaince of the force by Nigerian Government, European Union, United Nation and other well meaning organizations in the World, where is this funds going to ?

Who and who is incharge of the Nigeria Police welfare and maintaince of vehicles.

The Inspector General of Police (IGPOL), State  Commissioners of Police, Police Management and Maintaince Department should call all their men to order because the Nigerian communities, citizens and residents are not ready to take this illegal act of the police anymore.

In the name of peace, transparency, justice, fairness and good governance, We say NO to Bad Governance and bad Organizations.

God Bless Nigeria
God bless Nigerians
God bless Our Right Youths Wing of Nigeria