Our right youths wing of Nigeria have been able to distinguish ourselves from other so called activist, whose aims are to soil the good names of personalities just for money or political reasons.

We have been able to bring in political aspirants nearer to the people to know them in person, to tell the people of the communities what their manifestoes are, before elections

We have created awareness to the people about how to choose their candidate without been fooled with money or other things.

We made the youths to know that they are the future leaders and should not be used as thugs or hoodlums to disturb elections  or other government programs.

We have been able to restore back electricity to some communities which have been forgotten.

We made the communities to know the importance of voters registration card and how to cast their votes for the right candidate without selling their rights

Our Found and president graded road single handedly without asking for refund from the government without any political intention to show how to be a democrat.

We made drainages that have been abandoned by our local and state government, to give us free flow of water in our communities to avoid sickness and order diseases on the citizens

We have been able to maintain law and order in our communities and also settle disputes that are suppose to cause riots and break down of law and order

We have been able to assist some student in there educational life by assisting them with there school fees.

We have been able to counsel the youths and the communities against the deadly disease called HIV/AIDS AND TERRORISM so our generation will not be wipe away unfulfilled

We assist petty traders in their trade financially to compliment their effort.

We made the people to know their fundamental human right and how to get it peacefully without violence.

We organize grassroots football competition for male and female to search for the unseen talent in order to expose their skills to the world.